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Let Your Frames Flatter Your Face

August 24, 2023

People who wear glasses want their eyewear to supplement their style. Eyeglasses and lenses come in diverse colors and styles, but the most important element is how their shapes complement the faces of those who wear them.

You’ll find a wealth of frames to choose from at Greenpoint Vision Care. If you would like, we will happily assist with your decision! We have a well-established reputation for providing high-quality care and compassionate service. Experienced in treating patients and customers of all ages, we are an excellent one-stop solution for the eye care needs of your whole family.

Faces come in a variety of shapes—round, square, oval, heart and triangle—and some faces are a combination of contours. To start you off, here’s a basic guide to which face shapes are best flattered by which frame shapes. In the end, though, it’s all about what makes you happy.


Oval and round frames help balance defined angles, such as sharp jawlines and rectangular foreheads. Thin frames wider than your cheekbones soften things up. 


Angular and geometric frames—especially ones that sit right above your cheekbones—balance out circular faces by making them appear thinner and longer. Or how about cat-eye frames? They nicely highlight eyes and cheeks. 


Go with D frames. Their shape diverts the focus from your forehead. Want to add balance to your face? Try on frames that are a bit wider than your forehead. Oval frames will bring out your eyes. 


Sculpted like a pear, they’re distinguished by a narrow forehead and wide jaw. Shift attention from your jawline to your forehead. Frames with bold tops have the best effect, along with aviators, cat-eyes and D-frames. 


Lucky you! This ubiquitous shape benefits from many models. You have the luxury of experimenting and then deciding which offer the best effect. 

At the office of Greenpoint Vision Care, our skilled and expert optometric team uses their extensive knowledge of the ocular system and the complexities of the eye to take care of your eye health and fit you with the perfect prescriptions, contact lenses and frames. Please call today to make an appointment.